Monkey Server for Embedded Linux

Monkey for Embedded Linux

When dealing with Embedded Linux systems, flexibility is one of the main requirements. On the HTTP Server contexts, there is a special need to have such flexibility to include or remove specific features, resources usage is such important as a good performance, so we need a good balancing across these requirements.

Monkey offers an optimized HTTP server through a small core for basic functionality and also offers the capacity to load/unload features on-demand based on it plugin system architecture. Such plugins can be build as built-in features (static mode) or loaded on runtime as shared libraries.

We are committed to provide a flexible server and provide all support required by the industry, we are a formal participant organization of Yocto Project where we put our efforts to distribute a stable and ready for production web server for the _Embedded Linux_ world.

For more details about Monkey Server and Embedded Linux please refer to our official documentation.